Terms of use


Terms of use

Wirecard Bank AG provides information and data on its pages in the Internet. It also enables users to access other providers' Internet pages via hyperlinks.

Such information and data are exclusively for the user's information purposes and for personal use only. The content of Wirecard Bank AG's websites is protected under copyright law. Copying, altering or circulating information and/or data, in particular texts, extracts, pictures, audio data or moving pictures, is not permitted without the prior written permission of Wirecard Bank AG.

Wirecard Bank AG does not assume any guarantee whatsoever that the publications on its Internet pages are accurate or up-to-date, and in particular for content and information on third-party websites to which reference is made via links on Wirecard Bank AG's websites. In addition, Wirecard Bank AG does not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses resulting from use of the data or information on Wirecard Bank AG's websites. In any event, Wirecard Bank AG shall only be liable in cases of intent or gross negligence, or under compulsory statutory regulations.

Insofar as discussion forums and chats are provided on Wirecard Bank AG's websites, the content and opinions exchanged by users are beyond the control of Wirecard Bank AG. No liability for such content can therefore be assumed. Users of these services undertake not to put any content, software or information there which break existing laws, in particular items that glorify violence or are of an insulting or pornographic nature, or which might damage other users or Wirecard Bank AG, for example due to viruses. Users undertake moreover to neither hinder, restrict nor prevent other users' access.

Wirecard Bank AG has the right to exclude users at any time if their conduct conflicts with these principles or if Wirecard Bank AG's other legitimate interests are harmed. It also has the right to remove individual items of content.

The user agrees to Wirecard Bank AG publishing, removing and adapting individual items of content, and integrating same in other content it provides on the Internet.

Use of Wirecard Bank AG's website is permitted for personal use only. Passing on the possibility of use to third parties in any manner whatsoever is prohibited unless specifically agreed.

Wirecard Bank AG is under no obligation to keep up certain services, and it may at any time alter, supplement or delete the content, information and data provided.

Each and every use of this website or the data, information, texts, extracts or pictures given there, and each and every act, acquiescence or omission in connection with use of these pages is exclusively governed by German law.